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Leading the way in luxury transportation management.

Since 1998

Our Covid-19 Sanitary Measures

We have implemented additional sanitary measures for our clients to ensure they have a ‘safe space’ for their travels during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic & to provide a level of protection on par with their expectations. 


All our limousines are now equipped with facemasks and hydroalcoholic hand-gels that are readily available for every passenger. All potential vectors of infection, such as newspapers, have been removed. In addition, every vehicle in our fleet is fitted with a plexiglass separation between the driver & passenger area to provide an additional layer of protection. This can of course be removed at the client’s request. 


Before the start of each service, and after their completion, all areas of our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected (door handles, seats, seatbelts, central console, buttons & every single section in the vehicle). 

Our drivers perform every service with facemasks and can advise clients on current news such as travel restrictions, planned restaurant reopenings, the most affected areas in Switzerland, and more. 


Our priority is the safe travel of our passengers. For more information on our processes for luxury & VIP transportation, feel free to contact us.




About Us

Lorenz & Rochat leads the way in providing luxury & VIP transportation services in Geneva, Zurich and Switzerland as a whole. In the industry since 1998, it has grown into a main limousine provider through its commitment to constantly deliver quality services for its high-end clientèle. 


From single airport transfers to longer ‘at disposal’ services to financial roadshows or weddings, we can cater to any request. Open 24/7/365, we can organise your transportation even if received at the last-minute. 

Choose from our wide pool of different vehicles and categories to find the limousine(s) that suits your needs best. Contact us for a more detailed explanation of the differences of each vehicle. 


All our drivers are bilingual in the languages spoken per region (English & French in the Geneva area, English & German in Zurich). Other languages are available on demand. Locally-sourced and in professional attire, our drivers aren’t simply there to drive a vehicle; they are real assets for our clients through their knowledge, suggestions & experience. 


Want to save time booking a black limousine service? At Lorenz & Rochat, you can benefit from the following (non-exhaustive) list of functions through our online platform: direct bookings, online fare simulation, overview of all services & driver information, and much more. We are accustomed to providing VIP transportation services to a high degree for governments, celebrities, wealthy individuals and families.


Whatever your request is in matters of luxury ground transportation, Lorenz & Rochat can assist to make you or your client’s travel a seamless experience.








We offer airport city transfers, long-distance transfers, financial roadshows, short and long-term car rentals and event organisation. Our administration is centralised in Geneva & each client has a designated contact to ensure an optimal organisation and service.

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We provide a fleet of recent luxury models selected for security, comfort and elegance. You can choose from our selection of sedans, vans, mini-buses or SUVs. All our vehicles are fully equipped with all the comforting features our distinguished customers request: air-conditioning, GPS, WiFi, leather interiors, bottled water, umbrellas...

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Our rates are calculated based on the type of vehicle, the routes taken (i.e. moutains or highways...), the distances... Included in our rates are : passenger insurance, fuel, child seats... Prices start at 105.- CHF/hour.

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