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Cooperation in a Fragmented World: World Economic Forum 2023

Cooperation in a Fragmented World: World Economic Forum 2023

Published on Monday 19 December 2022

The upcoming World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will be facing critical challenges for the year upfront and call for immediate global action.

The COVID-19 crisis and the Ukraine war have triggered extensive consequences affecting all five continents. Addressing them will require the commitment of the more than 2,500 world leaders, businesses, and civil society gathering next January in Davos. The aim of the upcoming forum is to create a platform for dialogue and action that enables cooperation between the public and private sectors. 


Focused on the current economic and social crisis, the program will comprise the following five key points:

  - Energy and food crisis.

  - Inflation, economic crisis, and low growth.

  - Industry challenges regarding technology and innovation.

  - Social vulnerabilities.

  - Geopolitical risks.


Open Forum


The objective of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is to involve not only political leaders but also civil society. For this reason, entrepreneurs, artists, government officials, and civil society leaders are invited to the Open Forum. This format will enable this group to share their points of view and contribute to implementing solutions.


Apart from the major concerns treated in the conventional forum, the main focus of this Open Forum will be sustainability and Earth preservation. The detailed planning can be consulted here.


Travel restrictions


The last two years have been characterised by changing travel restrictions, different for every destination. However, given the current stabilization of COVID-19 cases, these measures have become less demanding in the European continent.

Therefore, travel restrictions to Switzerland have been cancelled. According to the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, “There are currently no entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required for entry into Switzerland.” For further information, travel FAQ can be read here.


Safety measures


Given the high volume of participants gathering in Davos for this event, safety measures become a major priority. With this objective, policies and protocols have been developed and they will be implemented thanks to the close collaboration with public authorities.


Even though there are no specific COVID-19 restrictions for traveling into Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO) has put forward the following basic recommendations:


  - Get vaccinated.

  - Keep hands clean.

  - Cover coughs and sneezes.

  - Keep closed spaces ventilated.

  - Wear a mask if you are an at-risk citizen.

  - Keep social distance, particularly indoors.

  - If possible, stay home when feeling unwell.




The celebration of the World Economic Forum implies extremely detailed planning and precise logistics, including the transportation of participants.


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