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Switzerland's VIP Airport Assistance Services Explained

Switzerland's VIP Airport Assistance Services Explained

Published on Wednesday 24 February 2021

VIP Airport Assistance 


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Switzerland caters to the well-off

Switzerland is home to a variety of luxury industries, global financial institutions, headquarters of international organisations, insurance companies, five-star hotels, stunning sceneries and more. As a result, a significant number of affluent businessmen, politically exposed persons and tourists (to name a few) visit the country from abroad.


Over the years, in order to cater to the regular influx of this well-off community, Switzerland has developed many luxury goods and services. One particular sector that has seen considerable growth is the VIP assistance services at airports, otherwise called ‘Meet & Greet’.


With a particular focus on Geneva International Airport - the nation’s second largest - this article explains in detail what a VIP assistance service consists of, its advantages and how you can book it for yourself or for your clients.


Advantages of a VIP Airport Assistance Service

Most people flying commercially are usually subjected to the following: queuing in line for security & immigration checks, finding the right terminals (or exits), carrying your own luggage, monitoring the time, waiting to board the aircraft and more. Nowadays, it is common practice to arrive at the airport a full two hours prior to the flight’s departure.


The above (time-consuming) steps highlight the main reason why people opt for VIP airport assistance: its convenience.


Time-constricted passengers are especially prone to using this - think bankers visiting Geneva for a financial roadshow and with a strict schedule to follow. Or someone whose flight has been delayed who would otherwise be late for an important meeting. Visiting tourists, unfamiliar with the airport’s layout, are also likely to find this service attractive.


Booking your own VIP service (further details below) is easy and quick which also explains its popularity.


What is Included?


VIP Arrival Service

You are taken care of as soon as you exit your flight. A member dressed in professional attire will be waiting with a signboard of your name (or any other name or logo you sent to them beforehand) directly at the plane door’s exit. They will take care of any luggage you might have. If the plane is located far from the terminal, a chauffeured limousine will be waiting to take you there.


 If you want to exit the airport straight away, you will be escorted to the fast-track through customs and security checks. If you have booked a chauffeured limousine service, the VIP airport assistance will liaise with them so that your driver is ready as soon as you enter the arrival’s hall. Both services are accustomed to working together in this manner, ensuring a seamless transition among them.


If you would like to freshen up, or are transiting, you will be escorted to the airport’s VIP lounge where you can enjoy a multitude of food & drink including fresh fruit, snacks, hot food, soft drinks and alcohol (to name a few). Newspapers, unlimited Wi-Fi, TVs and comfortable seating are available for your comfort. 


VIP Departure Service

Most clients who use the VIP airport departure service are chauffeured to the airport. Same as for airport arrivals, luxury limousine providers are accustomed to liaising with airport services to ensure a smooth wait-free transition for the client.


The driver calls the airport service 5 minutes prior to arriving onsite. An adapted number of staff and luggage trolleys are organised to be ready as soon as the client is dropped off, right in front of the correct terminal they are departing from. The handlers take care of the client’s luggage while clients are escorted through security & immigration and to the VIP lounge. Once it is possible to board the plane, clients are escorted to its entrance. If the plane is far away from the VIP lounge, a luxury limousine will take the clients directly to the aircraft’s entrance.



How to Book it?

Booking a VIP departure / arrival service is straightforward and there are several ways to do this. Firstly, you can send them an email at premium.geneva@dnata.ch  or call them at +41 22 555 94 60 mentioning the number of traveling passengers, the main contact person’s name & the flight they are arriving / departing on. Secondly, you may book your VIP airport service directly online. Here, you can view the list of rates and availability. If you want to book a VIP service yourself, we would suggest that you organise this in advance as during events there could be limited availability.


Finally, as a luxury transportation company who is the VIP service’s official provider for long-distance limousine services in Geneva, we can book this service for you. We benefit from reduced rates and pass this on to our clients. Furthermore, as we provide chauffeured trips, you could save time by having our company organise both your VIP airport & private limo service. 

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